In our work on an architectural project, our architectural workshop always puts man first in relations with space and environment. In each specific case, we offer a unique solution of space in an architectural object. We believe there are no pre-defined answers to problems set to architects. Each new architectural object opens a new view on creation of its own unique architectural space.

While designing private houses, we do it at a contemporary level, as a piece of architecture. This enables a person to feel the space differently, to feel ease and absence of time. We provide an opportunity to fully immerse in the world of luxury of modern design. We create modern houses in which understanding of comfort is combined with the latest ideas and solutions in architecture and design. Contemporary interior requires compulsory combination of pieces of art and natural objects. Abundance of light in the interior is a must. A bedroom with bathrooms and dressing rooms. A draft-proof terrace embedded inside the house. A guest room with a bathroom. A warm parking with maintenance rooms. All this speaks for itself about the high level of living comfort in our houses.

A successful location of the house in the site and creation of well-furnished viewpoints provide a person with full moral and aesthetic satisfaction. Our house architecture gives a sense of freedom and exceeds ordinary expectations of beauty of a country house. Designed with a professional understanding of beauty and grace of lines, our houses embody a combination of minimalism and modernism. Vyacheslav Morskoy, a true craftsman of architecture, manages our architectural process and gives us a brand-new view on the future of the private housing architecture.

While designing public purpose architecture: multifunctional centers, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc., we create a modern design of the building, where there are no space limits in architecture, where, on the basis of «bypassing spaces», we make internal and external walls in certain places transparent, thus providing mutual penetration of interior and exterior space. Human activity can be both public and private. Therefore, while solving architectural and spatial problems, we have to ensure a required harmonious proportion of public and private zones, all of which should necessarily alternate with art and natural objects. Owing to this, a person will feel comfortable and in harmony with nature.

List of Services

Our architectural firm offers all services necessary for design of buildings and structures: from projects of private houses to unique multifunctional complexes:

Organization of design documentation development

The client shall provide the following initial data prior to performance of project works:

Schematic Design (SD)

An approved Schematic Design is the basis for development of the working project documentation.

Stage «Project» (P)

Stage P is developed for approvals, agreements and work with subcontractors.

Working Project (WP)

The Working Project is developed for conduction of an object.
Its main sections may be as follows:
initial data, explanatory note, architectural and construction solution, master plan, design solutions, solutions on engineering equipment and engineering networks. Land improvements, transport scheme. Technological part, if necessary. Work volume bills. Estimate documents, in case of general contracting.